Sample of Success

Easy to use, Low cost, High response...
...samples of success

  • A CME provider turned around a low response to a four-color mail invitation by sending out a one-page fax. The fax was broadcast through PFN Communications, Inc., to the same physicians previously contacted by mail. The CME provider achieved their objective by reaching full attendance of 130 physicians.
  • A major pharmaceutical company sent messages to physicians about the availability of samples using Mailgram, and PFN's DataFax response service. Physicians' response to the DataFax message was nearly eight times greater than that of the Mailgram message.
  • A pharmaceutical manufacturer discovered the value of faxed messages by faxing out a press release on a new product. The message encouraged physician inquiries. Program results were outstanding.
  • A leading online research company uses broadcast faxing to generate responses to unique online surveys whereby physicians and other professionals are offered monetary incentives to go to their website. Faxing has proven to be the most effective and efficient technique to generate the number of participants required for each survey.
  • A large HMO uses PFN's enhanced fax programs to update unique profiles on its physician providers. Responses have exceeded similar efforts via mail and telephone.
  • A medical association using PFN's DataFax delivered a detailed message to physicians on managed care capitation issues. A 26 percent response was achieved with no incentive offered. A similar survey via mail had achieved responses only in the 8 to 10 percent range.

24 hours a day and 7 days a week, PFN's fax support capabilities will:

  • Reduce your Communications Costs
  • Focus your Programs
  • Maximize your Message
  • Reinforce your Existing Programs


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