How to Use our Fax System

Designing a Fax:
Some suggestions from PFN Communications, Inc.


  • Use large type. A minimum of 10 or 12 point is best.
  • Use lots of white space. This assures faster transmission time and your fax will be clear and readable.
  • Choose a line drawing or chart graphics instead of photographs.


  • Use vertical lines or borders, especially thick borders. This slows down transmission.
  • Use reverse type.
  • Over-crowd a page.


  • Use three pages or less when broadcast faxing. Often one-page is sufficient.
  • No need to include a cover sheet. The recipient's name is added at the top of the first page.
  • Test your layout by running it through your fax machine in the "copy" mode. This is an easy way to see what your faxed document will look like to the recipient.
  • Avoid solid blacks or shades of gray. These visuals slow down transmission of your message.
  • Use a margin of a minimum size of one inch -- one and a quarter inch minimum is preferred.
  • If you wish to send a fax message to a file you have in-house just email the file to us -- we'll merge it with our fax list and have your faxed message in your recipient's hands within a day.
  • Use email to send your fax message into our computers for fastest, crispiest copy. If you fax or overnight your faxed message to us, messages should be typed on plain, smooth, white stock.
  • When you require broad, extensive coverage and may need to reach physicians who do not have fax numbers in addition to those that do have fax numbers, we provide direct mail services to reach all healthcare professionals in the universe.
  • Leave room at the bottom of your letter so PFN can add the required opt-out statement and toll free number if a recipient wishes to be removed from the list. Once someone is added to the file, they will not receive faxes in the future.
  • Use black ink for signatures or other handwritten copy.


  • When you are making a selection from PFN's fax lists -- physicians, pharmacists, chiropractors, dentists, nursing home services, veterinarians, hospitals, optometrists, opticians, and HMOs -- please feel free to call us to help formulate your target list. Our fax lists have multiple selection criteria, including the basics such as geographic location, and specific data relating to the type of healthcare practice including specialty.
  • Our list of healthcare professionals are maintained at our business site so that customers have immediate access to file counts and outbound faxing.
  • If you have a list of healthcare providers, but do not have fax numbers, we can do a "file match" against our lists so that you can BROADCAST FAX these preferred contacts.


List selections are often a matter of numbers and budgets. You tell us how many professionals you would like to reach and your selection criteria - we'll locate your target group. You'll be billed only for faxes actually delivered.


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