PFN’s Email-Marketing Database

Primary, corporate, B2B email addresses provide over 1.7 million unique emails covering over 1.1 million MDs and DOs. A unique provider may have more than one email – one for the group practice and one or more at the hospital or facility where they work. The general population of emails is updated quarterly. All emails are B2B primary, corporate emails for specific providers, and they are multi-permissioned and verified.

All emails are fully CAN-SPAM compliant. There are no consumer emails in this population (Gmail, yahoo, aol, ATT, Comcast, etc). We offer a 90% deliverability guarantee (excluding soft bounces).


PFN`S Email-Marketing postal and email database is a Multi-Sourced database comprised of over 650 independent and separate data source feeds. Some of these unique data source feeds include, but are not limited to: NPI, DEA, UPIN, state license, state medical board, PPO network files, and social security death master index files.

PFN`S Email-Marketing database is the only 100% B2B integrated, multi-channel database servicing the pharmacy, healthcare, medical device, and insurance industries.

PFN`S Email-Marketing database currently contains over 1.7 million B2B primary, business email addresses of active practicing physicians and other professionals in the United States.

The database is segmented by: Title/ Specialty/ Provider Type/ Group Practice/ Geography/ Size/ Income. Coverage includes MD/DO, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors, pharmacists, therapists, and psychologists.

All email records have been permissioned for third party use and verified.

The uniqueness of PFN`S Email-Marketing database is that every record in the database is multi-sourced and multi-verified. This is the only database that can make that claim. It is the proprietary algorithms that allow the identification of the best postal contact & demographic information.

By being able to link a provider's identity by NPI, DEA number, Medicare number, state license number, and tax ID in addition to name, multiple practice addresses, phone number, email address, and fax number, we can give you access to a real B2B healthcare provider database. This is unlike other competitors' databases which have an undetermined, unidentified mix of consumer and business records, making an effective integrated campaign almost impossible.

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