Communicate Quickly & Effectively with Broadcast Fax Services

Imagine reaching hundreds or even thousands of health care professionals in a matter of hours with your business’s latest products and services. It’s possible when you turn to PFN Communications, Inc. for broadcast fax services tailored to your unique goals. Our highly effective approach to fax advertising lets our clients spread the word about their promotions quickly, easily, and affordably.

How It Works

Fax distribution to select physicians and other healthcare professionals is now simpler than ever, especially with access to our company’s extensive, carefully cultivated database. All you need is a clearly written letter, as well as a one-or-two-page information announcement.

Then, our knowledgeable staff will help you pinpoint your target group. For example, physicians can be selected from our fax files by specialty, geographic location, type of practice, and prescribing volume. Once we’ve defined your audience, we’ll insert the recipients’ names on the top of the first page.

Finally, you’ll let us know when you want your message delivered. PFN Communications, Inc. can deliver your broadcast fax into the hands of your targeted group within hours. You’ll know exactly when your recipients are receiving your message. Best of all, you only pay for faxes that are delivered.

Results You Can See

It’s a well-known fact that messages delivered through emails and faxes are more effective than direct mail and journal advertising. Both readership scores and response rates tend to accrue at a three to four times higher rate. That’s why we offer our Datafax system as a tool for getting the message out. Our enhanced fax services are the perfect supplement to your existing campaign strategy, and with help from our staff, could even grow to replace it. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Strengthened Existing Promotional Programs
  • Economical Communication
  • Access to Larger Audiences
  • Strengthened Brand Identity
  • Reinforced Sales Effort
  • Accurate Message Delivery Data

Contact us today to start using our broadcast fax services and strengthen your presence in the healthcare market.