Broadcast Fax

PFN's Broadcast Fax -- A highly effective communications medium designed to reach hundreds, or hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals... and it's so simple to use.

All you need is a clearly written letter or a one-or-two-page information announcement. We'll work with you to select your target group. For example, physicians can be selected from our fax files, by specialty, geographic location, type of practice and prescribing volume. Your recipient's name is then inserted on the top of the first page.

Dentists can be selected by specialty, geographic location, year of graduation and number of patients seen per week.

The last step is the easiest...tell us when you want your message delivered and we can have your Broadcast Fax in the hands of your targeted group within hours. A real advantage is that you'll know when your recipients will receive your message. And, you pay for only those faxes that are delivered.

Although the history of using Broadcast Fax is brief, the impact created through faxed messages versus direct mail and journal advertising promotion are significantly higher. Both readership scores and response rates tend to accrue a three to four times higher rate with Broadcast Fax, and have been known to secure a rate more than ten times higher than other media.

PFN Communications Services allow you to:

  • Strengthen existing promotional programs
  • Communicate economically
  • Communicate nationwide, to hundreds or thousands within hours
  • Strengthen your identity
  • Reinforce your sales effort
  • Determine when your message is being delivered


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