About Us

PFN Communications, Inc. was formed in 1992. It was the first company devoted to providing Broadcast Fax services for the healthcare industry. The initial database was comprised of U.S. physicians marketed specifically for fax distribution. We began email marketing services several years ago but have most recently become one of the leaders in innovative techniques for email marketing results using our very sophisticated broadcast platforms and reporting systems and unique email address listings.

Our company is located in Wall, NJ. Our senior management people have the combined experience of well over 75 years of pharmaceutical marketing to their credit. Our expertise in Email Marketing, Broadcast Faxing and direct mail program development make us a true resource for our customers.

As PFN Communications, Inc. has grown, additional lists of healthcare professionals have been added, as well as marketing and research services.

We also offer direct mail lists and services. This service is usually a supplement to email and broadcast fax programs.

Our primary customer base includes pharmaceutical marketers, their advertising agencies, medical associations, continuing medical education providers, market research specialists and medical newsletter publishers. A newer section of our customer base includes consumer product manufacturers, and medical product suppliers to veterinarians, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists and internet services.


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1725 State Highway 35, Wall, NJ 07719
Voice: 732-681-5520 Fax: 732-681-5593 Contact Us At: info@pfncom.com

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